Monday, April 9, 2012

Fresh Start

The first week in my new adventure began with a computer virus that devastated my system. Seemed like a bad omen. I was not happy. I had to set my computer back to its factory settings. Around a hundred and fifty windows updates later and with all my programs reinstalled I realized that I felt free. I was starting with a perfectly clean slate. Everything prior to last week had been cleared away. I now have room for a fresh start.

My studio is in a similar state. For a year I have been clearing every unused or unwanted object to make space for new work. This is not painless. I have attachments to these things. There is a reason I collected them in the first place. I look at an antique crutch or a cooler full of beeswax and am sure I will think of a brilliant way to use them. I had a five year rule - if I have not used the item in five years then I should get rid of it. After five years that turned into a ten year rule and so on. I do not like to be parted from my stuff. I have discovered, however, that accumulating clutter of any kind impedes my growth.

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