Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Chihuahua Makes it in the Picture

"Figure in Landscape with Dog" 2012, Oil on canvas, 26 1/2 x 64 1/2 framed size (framed in wood floater with silver leaf finish)


Cuteness Overload
Cuteness Overload

Exhibit A: The Site Visit
In early June of this year I met with my dog loving client and her hugely talented designer/architect to take a spin through my portfolio, view the location and discuss the ins and outs of this commission. I took measurements and photos. I took notes. I answered questions and gave assurances. While organizing my thoughts, notes and photographs I realized that I had captured a curled up bundle of furry cuteness sleeping on a bright orange blanket on the sofa back. This was a stroke of good fortune -- the Chihuahua was definitely going to make it into the painting. I did feel a little guilty however, as the Pug and Jack Russell Terrier just weren't in the right place at the right time.... such is life.

Sketch Studies

Exhibit B: The Sketch Studies
I created 3 digital sketches to start the ball rolling. I wanted my client to have several diverse and solid options for selection making. Options are good. Even better - I can and did at this point make several changes - mixing and matching elements and tweaking color. I think I went through 2 revisions in all before getting final approval on the 3rd image to the right. This took around 2 weeks - no big thing. 

Exhibit C: The Painting Process 
I wanted to keep my client updated as I made progress on the commission. I sent JPEGs and encouraged studio visits. This is what I calmly and affectionately refer to as the "DON'T FREAK OUT THIS IS JUST THE UNDER PAINTING" stage of development. I mean it - no freaking.

The Under Painting

Exhibit D: She is Finished Framed and Installed (anthropomorphizing of the painting object is optimal and in fact encouraged - enjoy!)

Installation View of "Figure in Landscape with Dog"

Installation View of "Figure in Landscape with Dog"

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