Saturday, July 21, 2012

Collage + Screen Print = Awesome

Untitled mock-up for mixed media screen print

I've been experimenting with different print processes to add another element to my mixed media work. I took a screen printing class this summer at the Chicago Printmakers Collaborative, which was kind of awesome. I am totally intrigued with the possibilities of this medium. On the left is a mock-up of my first project. I am collaging vinyl & patent wall covering material and screen printing over the top of it. This is going to be an edition piece. The green and pearl white areas are the patent material so they have a shine to them and the ink over the top is matte so there will be a nice push and pull between the different surfaces. I will be offering this piece as well as a few others from this series in my upcoming newsletter so please sign up for my list at the link below!

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