Monday, November 26, 2012

My Work/Live Studio Space in Pilsen

Installation view of "Houndstooth Series (orange loops, red squares and landscape)" with "Abstract Studies (purple) and (yellow)" in back corridor. "Untitled" painting and "figure study" on left by lamp.

"Houndstooth Series (blue bird)" and "Repurposed Failure Series"

I recently opened my studio as a planned 3 day event during a weekend in November. By the way, I am ALWAYS open by appointment. Just contact me by email at to set one up. Having this scheduled event gave me a chance to finish several projects and to do some much needed cleaning and organizing – oh joy!

I'm on an angle street somewhat off the beaten path, even though I am conveniently located very close to Chinatown and the South Loop. Angle streets are funny that way. There are no numbers on my building so I hung a battery operated wreath with multicolored lights on my front door.  Location marker and holiday decorating done in one fell swoop. I have much hope that the wreath will remain on my door throughout the holidays and not get swiped. This may be misplaced hope - but so far so good. It's such a friendly little guiding light. Who would ever steal something like that? Nobody I hope, but this is the city after all.

Smiley and Chukwu
The dogs got an invigorating and exhausting 3 day stint of "play and stay" at the kennel. They get boarded together in the same room and are crazy about going - every single time. Best Friends Pet Care sends me emails with pictures of them at playtime and a note about what a great time they are having. Their report cards this time indicated that Chukwu was hilarious and a social butterfly - that Smiley is an old soul - and that they are both champion eaters. Yep, that sounds about right.

"Sitting Cat 1 & 2" variable edition series

I had a really beautiful turnout for my open studio weekend and am so grateful for the generosity of support that I received through words and actions. Thank you to all who took time out of your very busy schedules to come and see me and in some cases purchase my work!

"Camp" on left, "Houndstooth Series (red purse)" in center and "Spring Dream" on right.

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